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In time taxpayers have came to realize that outstanding promotions do not equal outstanding tax debt results as claimed (i.e. pennies on the dollar or a portion of your tax debt, former IRS Revenue Officers who now seen the light and want to help taxpayers after years of screwing them, etc.). What many have learned is that the best value (quality and price) is not to be found at the heavily advertised national chain tax relief/resolution companies or compaines soliciting you out of the blue due to a notice of Federal Tax Lien being filed. Rather the best values are the gem in the rough tax firms that do virtually no advertising and obtain clients from good word of mouth on and offline. Unlike the national chain tax firms, quality independents maintain a workable case load and focus on quality rather than quantity.

I recommend that any person considering hiring a tax firm first ask to speak to the person who will actually be representing them before the IRS (not some salesperson or low level assistant). They will then be able to get a feeling of whether or not they feel comfortable working with that individual and hear what results to expect straight from the horses mouth (rather than a salesperson who often in this industry will stretch the truth tin order to close the sale).

 Read my blogs, tabs listed at the top right corner of this page and my old blogger account listed in the right hand box to find out who these slick talking sales people really are.

Generally the client reviews from the national chains like Tax Masters, Roni Deutch (which has since shut down), JK Harris and others have not been favorable, in fact all three mentined have been sued by Attorney General Offices among others.

My professional advice is to look past the commercials and infomercials and sleep tight and don’t buy the hype! 

Or maybe you are taxpayer who had a federal tax lien filed against them and have since been inudated with calls from telemarketers predenting to be tax professionals from all across the country promising to help you solve your tax debt. Where are you supposed to turn, who are you to go to?

I started this company after spending years working for some of the larger (and smaller) tax firms in Colorado. What I experienced from each company I worked for over the past 10 years is that greed sets in and it becomes a game of who can bring in the most money by milking their book of tax clients, when the goal should be to push the IRS to get the best possible outcome for all their clients.

At Patriot Tax Resolution there is no turnover, no middle management, no salespeople, only licensed tax representatives who do not work on a commision! This is struture is unprecendented in the tax representation field. Please call me at 866.932.2833 or email me at to discuss your tax problems and I will tell you what to expect going forward.

When you Hire a Company that Called You Due to a Federal Tax Lien or from a TV or Radio Ad Here is the Type of Character You Are Buying From.  Ask yourself, Would You Hire This Guy to Help you Resolve Your Taxes?

Man, I just got $6000 from this couple after telling them we are the pioneers of the industry and have over 25 years experience taking money from helping taxpayers and would reduce their tax debt for pennies on the dollar, holla! 

When you hire one of these various tax resolution companies that solicited you after a tax lien has been filed you are throwing good money on bad and making telemarketing thugs rich.

The majority of the sales openers and closers in this industry are thugs who may sound good on the phone but will tell you whatever it is you want to hear in order to take, take your money.

The government is not going to help you after you been scammed so consider this is your warning.  If you want tax help contact me now or end up being another victim to sales thugs.  I will work your case form start to finish!  No sales people, No Middle-Management, I work hard and EARN the money my clients give me, they MANIPULATE, LIE and don't do a whole lot after their clients pay them and you take that to the bank!
Here is short synopsis I made exposing the he tax debt telemarketing sausage making process- YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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