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Recent Sample of Successes of Various IRS Bank Account and Wage Garnishment Releases, Penalty Abatements, Payment Plans, Currently Non-Collectible Status, Offer in Compromises,etc.

Below is a copy of a recently accepted IRS Offer in Compromise.  The IRS accepted $5000 on a $65,000 income tax liablity after I had the client first placed in currently not collectible status after Tax Masters (now defunct as you may have heard) had this client on a monthly installment agreement for several hundred dollars a month.  I submitted it back in November of 2011 and it was just accepted on June 26, 2012.  Proof that sometimes the IRS does accept Offer in Compromises in the right situations.



accepted IRS Offer in Compromise

accepted IRS offer in compromise 

Below is a copy of certificate of discharge of federal tax lein on a limited liability company.  I reorganized this client's corporation which they ended up paying pennies on the dollar for the assets of their old corporation so their new limited liability company (LLC) could purchase the assets free and clear of the tax lien.  The trust fund amount of the payroll tax typically will need to get paid through payment by the willful and responsible officers for nonpayment of the payroll taxes however, in this case the trust fund taxes were placed into currently not collectible (long story), making this fantastic outcome for the taxpayer.

certificate of discharge of federal tax lien

Here are copies of various notices of bank levies and wage garnishments releases.  I could fill this page with hundreds of these notices but to give you a glimse at some of my past work I listed just a small handful of several successes.

IRS Bank Levy release, IRS Payment Plan, IRS Abatement of PenaltiesPenalty Abatement
Another Levy Release-Childs Play for Nick!

$21,000 Levy Refunded to Client After Nick Appealed Bank Levy Issued by Revenue Officer.


Nice Thank You Note from Client

G L Letter

Successful Lien Release After Nick Files Client's Tax Returns | IRS Previously Prepared Substitute Returns (S.F.R)s.


Refund of over $140,000 on Amended Tax Return Prepared by Nick!


Partial Payment Installment Agreement (remainder of debt is written off after collection statute expires)

Installment Agreement

Currently Not-Collectible | Status 53

Cover Letter

Currently Not Collectible | Status 53

Non Collectable Form

$500 month installment ageement on a $35,000 payroll tax debt liability

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